Restaurants that have collaborated with us:

The AbOIZ restaurant is an old Basque country house located in the town of Garai, Vizcaya. Chef Dani García, together with his kitchen team, creates a wide variety of dishes for all tastes, where traditional cuisine is fused with the most innovative trends. Always working with quality products from the region.

This modern restaurant located in the center of San Sebastián offers a  Tasting menu combining different flavors and textures in the creations to make this trip a unique experience. His work philosophy focuses on the use of seasonal, sustainable raw materials and on revaluing forgotten products. At the head of the stove is chef Paulo Airaudo.

This restaurant has been located since 1942 in the pretty town of Hondarribia.  The Txapartegi brothers, Mikel, Kepa and Gorka  head and run the Alameda Restaurant. Backed by a Michelin Star since 1997, it convinces its conceptual level and practical development, elegant, harmonic and convincing flavors.

The seasons, the weather, the work of our suppliers ... and a thousand other factors will decide what the day we will live in our kitchen is like. We want to offer you the best, give you everything that is in our power, respecting the work of those around us and admiring it at the same time. In order to make you feel at home, at home.  


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Amalur Taberna

Amalur Taberna is a bar located in the town of Durango, Bizcaya. It is a bar specialized in Gildas and Marianitos prepared by the specialist chef in Gildas Jon Biota.

This restaurant opened in 1980,  located in the Gros neighborhood of San Sebastián,  It is a reference in the city for its good work. In continuous evolution of both its facilities and its gastronomic offer. From breakfasts to snacks  to the different menus and the letter.


Arroka Berri

Located in the incomparable setting of the Old Town of San Sebastián, they offer traditional Basque cuisine with a large pintxos bar and an extensive menu focused on meat, Iberian and fish, as well as a wide assortment of wines.

One of the reasons to visit this restaurant and repeat, is that it is located in the beautiful Guipuzcoan town of Hondarribia-Fuenterrabía. In this renovated farmhouse you can enjoy gastronomic pleasures, mixing the quality and seasonal products of our region with the best of other geographical areas.

Arteaga Landetxea
Artess Cafe

A completely restored historic farmhouse, located in the heart of the Basque Country. Great Basque cuisine, seasonal products and dishes made with fresh products by Igor Ezpeleta.

This cafe-restaurant is located in the old part of San Sebastián, next to the San Telmo Museum. It is the old "Artisan Union", the chef Patricio Fuentes is in command of this emblematic place with a traditional cuisine and with great taste.

Historic San Sebastián restaurant, located in the house built in 1897 by Juan Mari Arzak's grandparents. Directed by Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena, it is a benchmark in the world of avant-garde and traditional cuisine. Considered one of the best restaurants in the world.

This restaurant, very well located in the heart of the old town of San Sebastian, has two dining rooms where we can taste the delicacies of modern Basque cuisine. In charge of the kitchen we find a young and experienced team  with the great Ander González at the helm.

This old salt warehouse renovated with great taste and keeping the essence, is one of the projects of chef Aitor Elizegi. The well-known chef has developed a detailed and innovative menu that combines Basque and international cuisine, reserving space for vegetarian dishes. All this, while paying attention to local and top quality produce.

The restaurant of the Hotel Palacio de Aiete  It has a rich Basque gastronomic offer that surprises with its culinary sophistication under the elegant light of its glass-enclosed dining room. Its dishes are characterized by being creative, original and minimalist. 


Mikel Santamaria

One of the most awarded bars in Donostia-San Sebastián. Its colorful bar and its decoration immerse us in the most glamorous of San Sebastian's pintxo. Wide range of hot and cold dishes, close to the delicatessen on many occasions.

Located in the upper part of the emblematic Aquarium of San Sebastián we can find this wonderful restaurant with magnificent views over the bay of La Concha. It is known for its balanced proposals clearly linked to our culinary roots and its high quality.

A typical Basque farmhouse located in Ortogoien, Alava. It offers seasonal dishes, fish and meat grilled on a rustic stone grill.

Kursaal Cafe

On March 27, 2015 the doors of the new Café Kursaal (San Sebastián) opened with a renewed and careful image. They started  this journey with the aim of becoming the new meeting point for the people of San Sebastian and a stop for all those who visit the city. 

Its magnificent location makes Café Kursaal an easy place to get to, located 50 meters from the Kursaal Congress Center and Zurriola beach, in the Gros neighborhood.

The chef, the Mexican Juan Veloz, will make you enjoy a great gastronomic experience.

Casa Nicolasa

It has been representing the purest gastronomic tradition since 1951 in the beautiful Guipuzcoan town of Tolosa. Famed for being a true master of barbecue techniques, it is known as the "Temple of the Txuleta". 

Casa Nicolasa, a restaurant founded in 1912 by Nicolasa Pradera, has been a benchmark in Basque cuisine, where not a few young chefs have completed their training.  Located in the heart  from San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa)  and with the traditional cuisine of the highest level, it was directed in its last   25 years for the great Chef Jose Juan Castillo.

pools & restaurant

Restaurant located in the Old Town of San Sebastian, founded in 1956 and run by the chef Pablo Loureiro Rodil. Famous for its seasonal vegetables, fish, seafood and high quality meats. A restaurant that, thanks to its human team, aims to make you feel at home, taking care of even the smallest detail.

On the top floor of the historic building in the  The Ceresio7 restaurant is located, it has a terrace with privileged views of the Milan skyline. This restaurant belongs to the Dsquared2 group. Dean and Dan Caten were fully involved in everything related to the design of the establishment creating a very special atmosphere. The place also has two outdoor swimming pools. This magnificent restaurant is run by one of the leaders of Italian cuisine, the great Elio Sironi.

Dando la brasa

Damadá restaurant opens its doors in 2019 in the Antiguo neighborhood of San Sebastián. At the helm of this establishment are David Arellano and Mariana Moran. Its chef, David, has been under the command of Martín Berasategui for eight years and was the head chef of the eMe B Garrote restaurant where he obtained a Michelin Star. His professional philosophy values the product and makes the  delight your customers.

This restaurant is located in Algorta (Getxo), it is a different place and with a very pleasant atmosphere. With a kitchen that will never cease to amaze you, Natxo Apecetxe is in charge of managing the stoves for the enjoyment of our palate.

Restaurant located in Beasain (Guipúzcoa), it offers a wide and less attractive menu for its diners. They work a lot with seasonal products and take great care of details. The kitchen is directed by chef Iban Mate.

Famous restaurant located in Getaria, one of the most beautiful towns on our coast. Founded by Pedro Arregui and recognized for maintaining from the beginning the philosophy of maximum respect for raw materials and the temporality of the elements.

A restaurant located next to Zurriola beach  where Japanese and Peruvian cuisine meet and the Basque roots are not forgotten ...

Surprising explosion of flavors and excellent raw materials in a pleasant and special environment ...

Enea moves away from the traditional restaurant model and is based on the opacity of its management and relationships with suppliers. Teaching where things come from, how they are treated and how they think they have to be done, Enea's goal is to offer a moment of happiness. Always respecting tastes, customs and rarities. Therefore, we invite you to come to our house to feel at home. 

Located in a building built in 1930, this restaurant opened in 1992 and directed by Roberto Ruíz, is today an icon of the society of Toulouse and a reference for the world of Gipuzkoan gastronomy. Stands out for stripping products  and present them devoid of any decoration in order to give them the prominence they deserve.

In 1984  Ganbara opens its doors in the Old Town of San Sebastián. Famous for its pintxos, it also has a cozy restaurant where you can find top quality products and  fresh. They also stand out for their seasonal specialties and for their fish.

Located in the Gros neighborhood of San Sebastián, this bar-restaurant blends Basque and Mexican cuisine in a varied gastronomic offer. Basque-Mexican chef Bruno Oteiza returned to his hometown after an adventure in Mexico, where he triumphed with his restaurant Biko.

The Gran Sol bar is one of the references of  pintxos in Fuenterrabia and Gipuzkoa. The prizes it treasures are innumerable. It has a wide variety of pintxos  cold and hot, from the most traditional to the most daring formulas. Next to the bar they have a charming restaurant as well as a terrace.

Gastroteka Danontzat

Gastroteka Danontzat is located in the heart of the old part of Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa). At the helm of this signature cuisine restaurant, is chef Gorka Irisarri. One to be mandatory in this beautiful town on the Cantabrian coast.  



The irunesa  Angela Basabe  directs, together with the creative chef from Gasteiz  Félix Manso, this central bar-restaurant in the town of Irún,  winner of several awards for his pintxos  . The bar is very dynamic with a spectacular pintxo bar and a blackboard that reflects the latest trends, as well as a daily menu and portions. The restaurant is intimate and secluded, with a careful gastronomy of product with signature touches.


Hotel Maria Cristina

The Hika bodega space is an integrating space in which oenology and gastronomy coexist, the latter space is directed and coordinated by Roberto Ruiz and his team, under the concept of HIKA BY ROBERTO RUIZ  a group with solid management experience after its long career directing the Frontón de Tolosa restaurant for 25 years.

The luxury hotel par excellence in the capital  Guipuzcoana has a high-level restaurant where chef Jesus Caballero shows us a cuisine of product, quality, innovative and rooted in his land. The  enclave of this establishment is an incomparable setting of the city of San  Sebastian.

Beñat Ormaetxea

The Hotel Viura restaurant located in the heart of Rioja Alavesa, surrounded by the most emblematic wineries. Juan Carlos Ferrando will make you enjoy a careful cuisine with excellent raw materials (vegetables, fish and meat), prioritizing seasonal and seasonal products with a touch of creativity and surprising desserts. They offer attention to detail, with a terrace to enjoy after dinner and a wine bar where you can taste and purchase a wide selection of wines.

It is located in the farmhouse of the same name, located in the middle of a large botanical park in Amorebieta. The Jauregibarria farmhouse dates from 1803 and is one of the oldest in the town. They offer both traditional cuisine and totally innovative dishes, paying special attention to the philosophy of the Slow Food movement. It is run by the renowned chef Beñat Ormaetxea.

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Kai zaharra

Since 1962 offering a product and seasonal cuisine where we can taste the best of the Cantabrian in the coastal town of Getaria. We can enjoy the tasty seafood from its nurseries and a large cellar. 

This restaurant located in the beautiful town of Hondarribia, right in the Paseo Butrón and with wonderful views of the Bay of Txingudi, is directed by Iosu Carrión. A young kitchen that works with seasonal and quality produce, stands out for the care and taste in its dishes. 

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Karlos Arguiñano

Restaurant founded in 1968 located in Astigarraga and run by the Kako family. Famous for its products carefully  selected for the preparation of the most typical dishes of Basque cuisine.


The Karlos Arguiñano Hotel Restaurant is located in a beautiful coastal town in Guipúzcoa called Zarautz. Located in a privileged place on the shore of the beach, it has wonderful views of the Cantabrian Sea. In this family restaurant, seasonal and quality products are produced, respecting our environment, with a very hard-working and trained team.  

Kata 4
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Kata 4

Gastrobar and ostreria in the center of Donostia-San Sebastián with a pleasant and special terrace. Directed by chef Ismael Iglesias, it offers a new place for oyster tasting as well as exquisite dishes from a seasonal cuisine that is constantly being renewed. 

Restaurante japonés ubicado en pleno corazón de Donostia donde Kenji y su equipo ofrecen gran variedad de sabores y texturas que buscan un equilibrio entre la cocina moderna y tradicional japonesa.

Basque-Asian cuisine restaurant located in Bilbao. Work fresh products from  market and season. It consists of a young and hard-working team with Iván Abril at the helm.

A cozy, sober and modern space, located in the most modern area of Durango and where the Koldo and Iñigo brothers lead a small team of enthusiastic and professional people who work with customer satisfaction in mind.

It is located in Hondarriba (Gipuzkoa), with a fantastic walk and views to enjoy; the kitchen is directed by Aitor Amutxastegi.

The Kokarta restaurant is a cozy place where you can enjoy the best of traditional Basque cuisine with a creative touch. The quality of the products is a basic pillar of their kitchen, which is why they use seasonal products.

It opened its doors in December 2002 making avant-garde cuisine based on tradition as a starting point but open to new forms, flavors and textures. Natural kitchen committed to the space in which it is located and its pantries. In 2008 they were recognized with a Michelin Star. 

In the old quarter of San Sebastián you will find this Restaurant-Wine Bar with its own personality.  

Its menu changes every season depending on the market offer, it offers delicious dishes that mix national and international cuisine in a creative way, always using products of unbeatable quality, thus achieving full satisfaction for the palate in which it is worth highlighting, as it cannot. be otherwise the Iberians of Joselito.

Basque steakhouse located in Fuenterrabia (Gipuzkoa), it has a nice dining room and terrace, as well as a great offer for wine lovers. L @ s  owners Arantza and  Jon Ayala are the Maitre d 'and the barbecue, respectively. Their specialty is the grill but also, they have chef Asier Alcalde for the care  and good work of their elaborations.

La casa del patrón

The restaurant is located in a hotel in Villa Murgia, at the foot of the Gorbeia Natural Park and only ten minutes from Vitoria-Gasteiz. A modern space, with a large glazed terrace where Rubén Gonzalez directs a modern and signature kitchen.

The Strain  It is one of those establishments that does not need any introduction. Since it opened its doors in 1948, it has become one of the must-see stops in San Sebastián. Their Jabugo ham, of course, and like the rest of their sausages, have their own fame and the typical Galician octopus casseroles, tripe, homemade meatballs ... are already a classic.

Joaquín Pollos is the owner of this family business, which breathes tradition and tradition, and from which he has not wanted to vary one iota because "I want to continue the same line that has always characterized it since its inception and they have made it  a unique establishment that offers a quality that is difficult to beat ”.

La Fábrica restaurant, located in the Old Town of San Sebastian, was inaugurated in December 2005. It is  made up of a young team led by chef Iñigo Bozal. In a nice and warm  atmosphere, you can enjoy its signature cuisine, based on tradition with modern touches. 

It is located in the heart of the Old Town of San Sebastian. Here we can eat on the old "Wall of San Sebastián". They offer us traditional Basque cuisine prepared in an innovative way. The quality of the products is an indispensable condition. They offer fresh and seasonal products to guarantee maximum flavor and a quality daily offer.

This restaurant located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, is identified with a traditional cuisine mixed with avant-garde elements but always, by the seasonal product as a flag. It is the identity of the gastronomic space of chef Mikel Fiestras.

The Lanziego restaurant, in the center of San Sebastián, has a spacious dining room. It offers a wide range of possibilities, in addition to  a high quality and a careful service thus combining  traditional and signature cuisine.

En el restaurante Martinez, ubicado en Ordizia,  trabajan una cocina tradicional  vasca desde 1890, con matices y pinceladas de modernidad. Ofrecen deliciosos platos de temporada elaborados con la mejor materia prima.

This classic restaurant is located in the town of Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa) and is  Directed by Maria Luisa Eceiza, fourth generation in charge of this family business. In 1986 he received a Michelin Star. Classic recipes, casseroles and product is what characterizes the cuisine of this restaurant. 

Mirador de Ulia

The villa where the Mirador de Ulía restaurant is located was built in 1939. The terrace  it is  the place of privilege. Directed by Rubén Trincado who performs a  Innovative cuisine without complexes but rooted in traditional cuisine, applies the most advanced techniques to flavors and aromas to surprise the diner with the composition on the plate, but above all with the accuracy. It was recognized with 1 Michelin star in 2011.

El Restaurante Narru se encuentran en pleno centro de Donostia-San Sebastián, bajo el Hotel Arbaso. Cocina tradicional que rinde culto al producto local. El restaurante está dirigido por el chef Iñigo Peña.

The philosophy of this restaurant is the use of local seasonal products,  to whom the techniques learned in the four years are applied  in which their cooks have been trained in the  Basque Culinary Center without neglecting traditional flavors. Located in Ordizia, Guipuzcoa.

Patxikuenea is a farmhouse in the Basque Country, located on the slopes of Mount Jaizkibel, more than 200 years old, located in a quiet place surrounded by green meadows and lush trees on the outskirts of Lezo. Patxikuenea searches and searches for the best raw material, so that later it speaks for itself at our table. Restaurant specialized in grilled meat and fish, directed by Aitor Manterola. On  in 2014 they were awarded the prize for the best national grill at the Gastronomika Fair held in San Sebastián.

Restaurant opened in 2017 in the Egia neighborhood of San Sebastián. It is a modern and pleasant restaurant with a nice terrace. A modern kitchen,  quality and an excellent product define this  restaurant  Run by chef Ismael Iglesias.

Inaugurated in the middle of the "Belle Epoque", the Café Oquendo opens its doors to the public on August 2, 1924, by the hand of Lorenzo Iriondo and Vicenta Arregui. With a privileged location due to its proximity  to the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the Kursaal,  It is known for being one of the places of passage for movie stars during the San Sebastián Film Festival. 


Restaurant located in the center of San Sebastián, characterized by a simple cuisine where vegetables and market produce predominate. Chef Loren Herrero is in front of this eating house.

The Route 33 restaurant located in the village of Alegia  It has a bar-cafeteria with a wide variety of pinchos and tapas. A  kitchen room,  directed by  the prestigious chef Félix Garrido, where you can taste top quality local products.


The Sardara bar is located on Calle San Pedro de Fuenterrabia. Its interior is decorated in wood, stone and concrete maintaining a minimalist and current design.  We can find a varied range of pinchos being one of the outstanding establishments in the city.

Restaurant located in Gernika (Vizcaya)  that has a wide gastronomic offer  from breakfasts to  a selection of "pintxos", as well as menus of the day and set menus for groups.  The chef is on the stove  Lolo Gomez.

The txotx gourmet

This gourmet cider house is located on Matia Street in the Old Quarter of San Sebastián, it offers a very good quality product and is characterized by its excellent grill. The chef of this cider house is Paola Cerchiara. 


The Topa restaurant, located in Galdakao, Vizcaya offers an extensive tour of traditional Basque gastronomy. With specialties such as grilled chop or carrillo clams. At the front, the young chef Manu Jugo.

The Trinchete restaurant in the Gros neighborhood is the oldest in the Basque Autonomous Community, as well as being listed as a monument. It has two large dining rooms where they offer classic San Sebastian meals. 

The bar-restaurant Txalupa is located in the  Fermín Calbetón street in the Old Town of San Sebastian. It consists of two rooms with different environments, where you can find pintxos, grilled dishes, cocktails and much more.

This establishment belongs to the Gastroleku group.

The Gipuzkoan chef Sergio Humada is committed to a personal project in which two restaurants will coexist under the "Casa Humada" label. Located in Lasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa) it has a gastronomic restaurant (Shuma) and a more "traditional" one (Txitxardin). Sergio, from a very young age, has passed through different cuisines and before returning to his homeland he was the head chef of the renowned Vía Veneto restaurant in Barcelona.

El Txoko de Getaria is a restaurant located in the pretty coastal town of Getaria. It opened its doors in 1953 and  Since 2014, the Mexican chef Enrique Fleischmann directs his kitchen where tradition, innovation and avant-garde are the essential ingredients of the experience.

University of Celaya

At the gates of the Plaza de la Trinidad and overlooking the street 31 de Agosto de San Sebastián we will find this small temple of genre food, without sophistication but with the virtues of the restaurant of a lifetime. In the heart of the city, with a pleasant covered terrace, we can enjoy its first-class raw materials.

The  University of Celaya  is a  University  private , located in  CelayaGuanajuatoMexico .  The objective of the Bachelor of Gastronomy at the University of Celaya is to train upright professionals in the field of gastronomic activity, through the development of competencies, skills and aptitudes that allow them to strategically undertake, direct and operate food and beverage service companies with a total quality approach that will drive the gastronomic industry towards higher levels of national and international excellence.

The Urepel restaurant is a gastronomic space that bases its offer on traditional market cuisine with signature touches, made with quality raw materials. You will find it on the Paseo de Salamanca in Donostia.

The place has been recently renovated. Thanks to the decorative elements that compose it, the Urepel restaurant has an elegant and romantic air, perfect for going to lunch or dinner with your partner, your family or your group of friends.

In 2005 the Via Fora was created  And it was not an easy task to open a new restaurant in the nerve center of world gastronomy, it sounded like an impossible task. The chef Ander Etchebarria Manresa, born in Barcelona, of a Catalan mother and Eibarrés father (that leaves its mark). He decided that cooking is his great passion and, as he himself says, what he really likes is eating and drinking good wine, which has made him a great cook. After passing through the Barcelona Hospitality School, he trained him in the mythical  Takika berri  of Barcelona and it was in the  Astelena  from San Sebastián, where this great professional was cooked.  


The restaurant is in the heart of Milan, specifically in the Park Hyatt Hotel, right in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

A minimalist place, the Vun is the fiefdom of a young Neapolitan chef, Andrea Aprea, where we can enjoy the best products of the Italian boot.  

The restaurant has a Michelin Star.

This bar-restaurant opened its doors in 2014 on Calle San Marcial in the center of San Sebastián. It is currently located in the San Telmo museum offering excellent cuisine, mixing traditional products with avant-garde cuisine. All this through a young team led by chef Paul Arrillaga.